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Lifting weights the right way is really the secret to a lifetime of being thin, full of energy and healthy. A lot of women worry they will get too muscular if they lift weights. They will not. It’s not going to happen, at least not the way I am recommending to lift weights. The way I am recommending you lift weights will leave you tight, toned, strong, full of energy, and lean. Basically, the exact way 97% of people want to be. You do not want to be skinny fat. You do not want to hit your target weight and look like a windbreaker when you take your shirt off. You want to look fit with everything where it should be.

Lifting weights also tell your body to make testosterone. Testosterone gets a bad rap but it is the hormone of energy, confidence, affection, and sleep. You do not want to live a life without testosterone. Men’s levels should be between 800 and 1200. Women’s levels should be between 80 and 110. It is hard to feel good, have confidence and even want affection if your levels are off, man or women. I’ve lived it, stress has knocked my hormone levels out of whack more than once. The first time it happened I was 36. I was managing over a 100 people at 30 locations. I had just gotten married, moved, and my wife was newly pregnant with our first child. My energy went from a 9 to a 2. I gained 20 lbs in my midsection and just wanted to sit on the couch after work, which is not me. Also, I usually bothered my wife every day or every other day for affection and when she pointed out to me it had been 2 months. I realized something was wrong, again not myself.

I figured out what the problem was and got it back to normal. I couldn’t believe what a difference it made. I was back to myself and it made me change everything about how we cared for patients. The results we got really improved especially with energy. You have to account for the patient’s hormones when you are treating them. Patients have to do behaviors that encourage the right hormones (Testosterone/HGH) and avoid behaviors that encourage the wrong hormones (Cortisol/Insulin).

Lifting weights for two or three 30 minute workouts a week with at least a day of rest in between will help your body make testosterone and lean muscle. Cardio or training high intensely for more than 30 minutes at a time will make Cortisol and prevent you from losing fat.

A lot of patients push back on that statement. When we were in gyms I used to walk them out onto the floor and have them look at the 100 women doing cardio and then ask them how many of those women did they want to look like? It was usually 3 to 5. Then I would point out the 10 women lifting weights and ask the same question. 8 to 9 was usually the answer. Then I would say why don’t we model the behavior of the people who are getting the outcome that we want. Even then people still struggle with it, but it gets them thinking.
The Cardio Myth has been drilled into our collective subconscious, however, more than 10 minutes of cardio for most people encourage their body to make Cortisol. Cortisol makes you sick fat and tired. Still, don’t believe me, try it 90 days my way and you’ll see the difference. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. That’s people doing cardio. Some people use cardio to de-stress (these are usually really sick stressed patients). To that, I say find another way to destress yourself, go on a walk and breath in slowly and deeply. That will relax you more and it won’t make cortisol.

Implement the program slowly and really master the form while slowly increasing the weight you lift over time. This concept is called progressive overload. You must progressively overload your muscles but this should happen slowly over the course of weeks/months. You do not want to hurt yourself. The goal is to work out 50 weeks of a C work out. 50 weeks of a mediocre workout is 10 times better than 6 weeks of A+ workouts. You will be shocked at how much your body will change over the course of a year.
Just pick 2 days a week and always work out on those 2 days, for myself that’s Wednesday and Friday. Get to the gym to work out for a half hour and get out 60 a week is all you need if you use those 60 minutes to work your muscles.,

Here is the program:

Slim Rx Starter Weight Training Program-
(You can search for this on Youtube for additional info and demonstrations of each exercise)

Consists of two 30 minute workouts with at least a day of rest in between

The first 4 rules of weight training.
1. Don’t hurt yourself
2. Don’t hurt yourself and of course
3. Don’t hurt yourself
4. You must have patience. Weight training is the long game. Consistency over time.

Upper Body- Just move from exercise to exercise with minimal resting
1. One Arm Lat Pull Downs 8 to 15 reps
2. Push-ups on an unstable surface or push-ups while rotating your torso 10 reps
3. Cable Crossovers Chest High to Low 8 to 12 reps
4. One Arm Lat Pull Downs 8 to 15 reps
5. Push-ups on an unstable surface or push-ups while rotating your torso 10 reps
6. Cable Crossovers Chest High to Low 8 to 12 reps
7. Pull-ups on the Assisted Pull up Machine or Lat Pulldowns 6 to 10 reps
8. Dips on the Assisted Pull up Machine or Decline Bench Press 6 to 10 reps
9. Pull-ups on the Assisted Pull up Machine or Lat Pulldowns 6 to 10 reps
10. Dips on the Assisted Pull up Machine or Decline Bench Press 6 to 10 reps
11. Upright Rows 8 to 12 reps
12. Dumb Bell Shoulder Press Standing or Thrusters 8 to 12 reps
13. Reverse Pec Dec 8 to 12 reps
14. Biceps curls seated 8 to 15 reps
15. Tricep Push Downs 8 to 15 reps

Lower Body-Having perfect form is your #1 goal on all exercises
1. Kettlebell swings 7 reps-20 seconds of rest then 7 more reps.
2. Walking Lunges Forward 10 Steps
3. Walking Lunges Backward 10 Steps
4. Walking Lunges Sideways 10 to the left 10 to the right
5. Squats 8-15 Reps
6. Leg Press 8-15 reps
7. Deadlift 8-15 reps
8. Leg Extensions 12-20 reps
9. Hamstring Curls 12-20 reps
10. Leg Extensions 12-20 reps
11. Hamstring Curls 12-20 reps
12. Calf Raises 40 to 80 reps

Here is a link to a video about the program


Thanks, Dr S

Also feel free to email me with any questions, DrSteidinger@gmail.com

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