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At Slim Rx we are obsessed with helping people make lasting change. Everything we do is geared towards that goal. Stop losing the same weight over and over again. To make a lasting change, we need to fix what’s going on in your body (your physiology), we need to shift your behavior, and we need to shift your mindset. Your physiology is complex, and we do not want you to worry about it; we will worry about it for you. We want you solely focused on changing your behavior. We will provide you with a list of behaviors to implement, and we want you to focus on doing the behavior slightly better every day/week. When you let go of outcomes and focus on improving behaviors, you actually improve those behaviors, and more importantly, you internalize that behavior. It becomes what you do, your default setting.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it,” - Albert Einstein.

“The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.” -Albert Einstein

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Our Providers have over 20 years of experience helping patients make healthy, lasting changes. They have helped thousands of patients just like you lose weight, get more energy, and feel better. Being overweight/obese is a serious problem that affects over 70% of the population of America. Despite the amount of pressure society places on us to be a healthy weight, we tend to gain weight over time, rather than maintain. 95% of people who try to lose weight on their own are the same weight or heavier a year later.
So why do 19 of the 20 people fail? Because it is a complex multifactorial problem. There is a physiological component - the health/functioning of your body (incredibly complex by itself), there is a social/family/cultural component, a self-image/psychological component, and stress management/emotional component. Each of these things interacts with one another in complex, unpredictable ways that make lasting change a challenge. You can figure all that out on your own or you can hire friendly professionals who are going to care about you as a person to teach you and hold you accountable.
Information alone is not usually enough for most people; accountability is a big component of lasting success. Let us help you. It is not a weakness or failure to seek out professional help. It is a smart, proven strategy for success that will save you time, energy, and money. Are you ready for a change?
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