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Chris Steidinger, DC

Chris Steidinger, DC


Chris Steidinger is a 1998 graduate of Life College of Chiropractic.

Worked with the Jets Team Chiropractor for the first year out of school. Co-founded a clinic that eventually grew to 31 locations inside of gyms and health clubs in 6 different states. It was during this time he became an expert at helping patients lose weight and get in shape. He got to work with thousands of people one on one and learn what it takes to guide a patient to their goals. He is really good at helping patients change their lifestyle in a way that works for them and helps them reach their goals long term. He is divorced with two sons, CK and Patrick.

At 36 he found himself 30 pounds overweight, zero energy, diabetic with no sex drive. The stress and pressure of life had caused him to neglect himself. In the process of losing the weight, reversing the diabetes and getting healthy he learned what caused him to get fat, sick and tired. More importantly he uses that information and that emotional experience to help others get the same result. At 48 he feels better than he did in his twenties. You can feel great and be healthy at any age. We can show you. It is amazing how much you can heal if you are willing to change your behavior and give your body what it needs.

No one will ever get lasting healthy change by addressing the symptoms; the only lasting healthy change is done by addressing the cause of the problem. Chris Steidinger is no longer practicing Chiropractic and is coaching weight loss full time.